Ці стереотипи)) Фотопроект румунського фотографа Stereos Typos


Цей пост фактично перепост чудового проекту мого друга з Румунії, що сам приїхав в Індонезію і ніяк не може виїхати звідти (вчора він знову продовжив візу).


В цьому фотопроекті він дуже влучно і гарно показав стереотипи, що існують, формуються і розбиваються в Індонезії)))

Я би сказала, що це можна тільки відчути, бо про це ніхто не говорить і ніде не пишуть, проте Чіп зміг це донести)

Автор Чіп)


Stereos Typos

This is the second project I worked with my friend Kyati Suharto-Martinon in Jogja and was exhibited in a bizarre festival at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts. It’s about the stereotypes that we live in, from the perspective of Bule (white people in Indonesia) and Indonesian people.

      Bule perspective – most of the Indonesian girls are smiling at bules and look very interested in speaking with them and because of this we find the girls easy going. They are just too friendly!


Indonesian perspective – If you are bule, than you are rich.


Bule perspective – We think and learned that all asians have small penises.


Indonesian perspective – All people having tattoos are criminal. Almost all my Indonesian friends have tattoos and yet didn’t killed anybody.


Bule perspective – All Indonesian are talented, meaning that they can either sing, draw, act, play an instrument. Sorry, but it ain’t true.


Indonesian perspective – A great part of the Indonesian girls don’t shape their eyebrows because it’s HARAM (forbidden) to modify the shape of your face. Modifying the shape of your face means cutting your eyebrows, not shaping them.


Bule perspective – We think of Indonesians that their hygiene is not good.

Indonesians take a bath at least twice a day. One of the ways to great you in the morning is “Sudah mandi” – “Have you washed yourself”, because for them is inconceivable not to take a bath in the morning.


Bule perspective – All muslims are terrorists.


Indonesian perspective – People having dreadlocks are loser or no good.

The guy in the picture is Fajar Radite. He quit his job to go to college and sang in the streets to afford his studies. He is now a fixer (the person that makes all the connections and also translates for foreign reporters in Jogja) for Global Post and other newspapers. He is one of the persons that works closely with the communities on mount Merapi or other poor parts around Jogja in order to help them promote better their activities so that more tourist can visit those parts. He is also the guy that created Escape From Jogja, a bike touring community.


Indonesian perspective – Indonesia girls that are with bules are whores, for sex (which is forbidden until marriage) or money.


Bule perspective – All girls wearing Hijab (the veil that covers parts of the head in the presence of non-related adult males) are conservative. After many conversations with some of them, the only “conservative” thing about them is that they believe in God more than us.


Ну тепер все зрозуміло, правда?   Я сама в захваті від цього проекту!

Дякую, Чіп)


Напиши, якщо тобі відгукнулося


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